From an idea to a company with a turnover of 1 000 000 Gel
in one year, with no experience in tourism
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Like-Georgia is a family project
We had no experience in tourism, but there was a great desire to introduce Georgia to people
Traveling in Georgia for more than 5 years, our family truly loved this country. In one of the next trips, in summer 2018, we talked about how important it is not to spoil the first impression of exploring Georgia and how we would like to introduce this beautiful country to as many new guests as possible.
After analyzing the statistics of Georgia's growing popularity for tourists, we quickly decided to create a travel company and move to Tbilisi.
Already on August 30, 2018, we left the building of the house of justice in Tbilisi with a certificate of registration of the Like-Georgia Company.

The Philosophy Of Like-Georgia
Date of registration of the company: 30.08.2018
Improving the quality and safety of tourist services on the territory of Georgia by providing a European level service to each guest
To become the No. 1 tour operator in the segment of providing tourist services in Georgia
System of work
B2C. We work directly with private clients through our own Sales Department, attracting applications for tours with the help of modern internet marketing technologies
Benefits for Georgia
The company pursues a policy of popularization of Georgia as a tourist destination, as well as sets high standards of service, which positively affects the overall quality of tourist services in Georgia
We unite people from different countries and prove that there are no barriers to communication and friendship between peoples.

In our tours, guests from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries become one big family in love with Georgia.
United team of Like-Georgia
Viktoriia Lipskaia
Company founder
Tamara Shamatava
Tourism manager
Sofia Gadua
Sales manager
Vasilii Petska
Sales manager
Ksenia Zagrebina
Sales manager
Vladimir Yakushevich
Head of sales
Pavel Lipskii
Our performance indicators
1 000 000 gel
Turnover of the company from the moment of registration
500 vouchers
Sold from April to June 2019
3500 gel
The average check per sale
97 %
Reviews on Tripadvisor with a rating of " Excellent"
6 main components of the product
4-star hotels in Tbilisi City Center
Through hotel room reservations for the entire 2019 season, we were provided with low prices, which allowed us to provide our customers with rooms in 4-star hotels at 3-star prices
Introduction to Georgian cuisine
Each tour includes a welcome dinner and lunches on tour days. There is a special menu for the whole tour, so guests try new dishes of Georgian cuisine every day, the history of which, at each feast is told by the guide
Masterclasses and tastings
Guests themselves prepare Georgian cuisine dishes at masterclasses, which are an integral part of each tour. Wine tastings give everyone the opportunity to find their favorite Georgian drink
Only modern transport
We work only with transport companies with high standards of service and a modern fleet. Our transport always arrives technically serviced, clean and at the appointed time
The team that is always there
The mission of each employee and partner of our team is to get only positive emotions of our guests from exploring Georgia. The guest can contact any of our representatives and be sure that his matter will be resolved
Travel insurance and a bottle of wine as a gift to each guest
When ordering a tour, each guest receives travel insurance for up to $ 35,000 and a gift bottle of wine upon check-in at the hotel.
Website and brand evolution
Features and differences from competitors
Having experience and knowledge in Internet marketing, we shortly test new tools to attract customers, which allows us to find effective ways to communicate with customers before competitors
Sales department
The Sales department of our company is regularly trained in modern sales technologies. When contacting clients, the Manager uses a well-thought-out algorithm of communication, and all transactions are conducted in the CRM system of the company and analyzed by the Head
Conducting tours
We work only with partners who share our mission to provide only high-quality service for each client. Punctuality, loyalty, and professionalism are the qualities we value in our employees and partners
Goals for 2020
Entering the European market
Currently, the company is already actively working to attract customers from Germany, Italy, Ukraine, and Belarus
Development of Agency sales network
All the results we managed to achieve without the use of the Agency scheme for the realization of tours, this gives us reason to assume that the presence of the Agency network will significantly increase the turnover of the company
Opening of new tourist destinations
The plans include the development of such areas as one-day inexpensive excursions and health tourism